Cosmetic Treatments

Smile Makeover

Having a great smile can boost your confidence and even improve the health of your teeth and gums!  Patients may wish to sort out their smile for any number of reasons; whether it is to fill gaps from abstracted teeth, improve the chewing function of the teeth, or even improve the health of teeth and gums.

The objective of a smile makeover is to improve and transform the appearance of your teeth and gums using a combination of one or more dental treatments that are carried out to enhance the overall appearance of your smile. The procedure could include a combination of Teeth Whitening, White Fillings, Veneers, Dental Crowns, Implants or Bridges.

Before any treatment commences, our Cosmetic Dentist will discuss with you what you would want from the procedure and why you are currently unhappy with your smile. Concerns such as tooth decay, stains and discolouration and slight crookedness are common and can be corrected within a few dental visits.

This procedure requires high attention to detail. So our Cosmetic Dentist will need to carry out an initial assessment where they will look at the health of your jaw, gum foundation and teeth using a combination of visual, x-ray, and make models of your teeth. From there, a treatment plan will be devised and you will be advised of the best course of treatments for your Smile Makeover, based on your preferences and oral health condition.  If any oral health issue such as gum disease is present, it will need to be treated first before the smile transformation process can commence.

To help our patients understand the process behind their treatment plan, we are able to offer them SmileFast, which is a ground-breaking development in Smile Design. SmileFast helps both the patients and our dentist by informing and guiding them through the treatment planning process. This allows our patients to quickly visualise what their new proposed smile will look like, which will help them understand the journey they will need to undertake to get to their desired smile and ultimately deliver life-changing results.

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