Missing Teeth Replacement

Replacement of Missing Teeth

We offer you the cosmetic benefit of replacing a missing tooth to ensure that you still have that great smile. So what are your options?

  • Do Nothing.

If the extracted tooth is near the back of your mouth and not visible when you talk and smile, it may be possible to leave the gap. Your dentist will monitor the gap every time you have a check-up to ensure that the teeth on either side do not bend and move into the gap causing discomfort and problems with your bite.


  • A Dental Implant.
  • A Dental Bridge.
  • A Denture.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great solution to replace a missing tooth/teeth and are currently the closest possible restoration to your natural teeth. Although more expensive than the other options, if cared for properly it should last for at least 10 years. This means that over time they can prove to be a very cost-effective solution due to their durability and functionality.

Before any treatment, our Implantologist who is experienced with a special interest in Implants will complete a thorough assessment of your jaw and teeth to determine the level and health of bone present. If there is not ample or healthy bone available then a bone graft may be necessary before a dental implant can be placed.

Under normal local anaesthetic numbing, a titanium screw (implant) is placed directly into the jawbone. As titanium doesn’t interact with our cells, our body won’t see it as something foreign. Instead of the normal bodily response to something foreign, the bone instead ‘fuses’ to the titanium implant. Once this occurs and the implant is securely in place, then an artificial tooth or teeth can be placed onto the implant, providing a very strong and solid structure. This can then be fitted to a denture, bridge or crown, depending on the number of missing teeth.

It is still possible to get gum disease around an implant and so it is important to have a good cleaning routine.

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