Restorative Dentistry


A Crown or a ‘Cap’ is an artificial restoration and protective covering placed over a tooth and held in position by dental adhesive or cement. Once cemented in place, the Crown will completely cover the existing damaged tooth about the gum line. They can be used to offer a permanent restoration for teeth that have suffered from large areas of decay or have been fractured. They can also be used to protect root treated teeth.

Dental Crowns are used to solve different dental problems including:

  • To protect and restore broken teeth that suffered from large areas of decay or fracture
  • To provide extra support to a Dental Bridge.
  • To cover an existing Dental Implant.
  • To protect a root treated tooth.

Here at Surrey Dental Practice, we are keen to make sure patients get the treatment that best suits their needs. We offer Crowns in a variety of materials, including metal, resin, ceramics (porcelain) PFM, Emax and Zirconia Crowns. We will endeavour to provide you with the best aesthetic and fully functional Crowns.

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